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Corporate Taxation

If you are running a corporation, you probably have all kinds of questions like "what tax strategies are available to me and my incorporation?" or "what do I need to do to keep compliant with the tax laws?"

The good news for you is that the government has written the tax laws to be beneficial to business owners. Since you have your own corporation, you also have the ability to take advantage of all kinds of different tax strategies.

Our team consists of accountants, business consultants, and finance experts who are well versed in how to prepare tax returns which emphasize a greater strategy. We have developed s systematized process which efficiently allows us to collect the necessary information to file your tax return.

"Pinnacle Accounting met with me and maintained excellent communication in discussing my tax return and reviewing my tax credits. They assisted me in developing an ongoing tax plan."— Mark W.

Personal service will provide you the comfort in knowing that your tax issues are being handled in an optimal manner and that we are on top of future tax issues.

Corporate services include:

  • Preparation & filing of corporate tax returns
  • Corporate tax planning and strategizing
  • Full cycle accounting
  • Setting up & planning new corporations
  • Establishing corporate structures geared towards optimizing tax savings and protecting assets